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Military Applications

Delivering Solutions for Standard and Application Specific Military Designs

D&D works closely with Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex to ensure active military units receive up-to-date support. Additionally, the Company provides real-time support to operational US Air Force, Air National Guard, and Reserve units operating the MAC II around the world. As an ISO-9001 Certificated business, we have performed AS9102 First Article Inspections for many of our customers including Boeing, BAE, Lockheed-Marin, and Department of Defense agencies.

Current Applications with
Government Agencies

Munitions Assembly Conveyor (MAC II)

D&D designed and developed the new generation MACII in use by the US Air Force, Air National Guard and Reserves. It is designed to provide a mobile capability to rapidly assemble/disassemble conventional munitions and provide a means to load/unload to and from a munitions handling trailer or vehicle.

  • Extensive climate testing was performed at McKinley Climatic Laboratory at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida qualifying it for operating temperatures of +125 to -25 degrees Fahrenheit and storage from +140 to -60 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The US Air Force awarded D&D an on-going requirements contract to manufacture the conveyor system.  To date D&D has manufactured 125 units.
  • The MAC II was developed to meet Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAM) requirements to convert “unguided” bombs to all-weather precision-guided munitions.
  • Some photos shown are courtesy of the US Air Force.

Munitions Support

D&D has manufactured a number of different munitions trailers and associated equipment. As the name implies, all these items aide in the transport of conventional munitions for various aircraft applications.

  • MHU-141 Munitions Trailer
  • M-10 Missile Adapter for use with the MHU-141
  • Missile – Munitions Loading Adapter-ADU-537A/E
  • Munitions hoist beam

Military Spares

D&D manufactures maintenance stands, cranes, dollies and other military support equipment  as well as being sole source for a number of our own replacement parts via our Cage Code 1Y128. We work closely with the Defense Contracting Management Agency providing support to our war fighters.

Aircraft Towbar

The aircraft tow bar functions as a means of interface between the nose landing gear of an aircraft and the tow tractor while towing and/or positioning the aircraft on the ground. D&D routinely manufactures these units to support the C-17 Globemaster III for the US Air Force and US allies.